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Warehouse Offices




Warehouse partitioned offices
Partitioning is a great way to create office and meeting space within a warehouse or industrial context. Creating efficient, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing work space is as important as meeting building/ fire regulations and noise reduction requirements.  Office partitioning systems can be de-mountable so they have the flexibility to meet changing business needs.  Our range of quality wall coverings, high-specification door handles/ locks and selection of wood veneers for doors ensure a high-end finish.


Composite panel and stud partitioning

Modular composite panel partitioning has aluminium uprights with honeycomb-core plasterboard panels that can be decorated with emulsion or vinyl. Relocatable modular panels finished in vinyl or emulsion and trimmed with aluminium or powder-coat finish. Ideal for dynamic office spaces. Can be fire-rated and sound-insulated.

 Stud partitioning comprises a metal framework covered with tape-and-jointed plasterboard for a smooth finish both sides for decoration with emulsion or vinyl. Can be fire-rated and sound-insulated.

Folding & sliding walls

are perfect for dividing a larger area that can then be quickly opened-out to accommodate, for example, a large meeting. Acoustic options ensure simultaneous use of spaces is practical and comfortable


Glazed and frameless glass partitioning
Full-height glass walls add an eye-catching feature to any office space. Double glazed partitions improve noise reduction and integral venetian blinds further improve privacy when needed. Frameless glass partitioning adds an extra touch of elegance by creating a glass wall that can be combined with space-saving sliding doors.


Bespoke manifestation (design films) can be applied to frameless glass partitioning systems and doors to comply with Building Regulations and create striking graphics to your design.

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