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The FB18S-MJZ-model is an extremely compact electric forklift designed to handle loads of up to 1.8t. Thanks to its three-wheel design, it is distinguished by its high manoeuvrability, small turning radius, and small size. The combination of these features means that this electric forklift will be able to move freely from within a small warehouse space, in some cases completely eliminating the additional costs associated with the purchase of reach trucks serving high-bay warehouses. This forklift can be used for warehousing in many industries, including cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and wherever precision is important, as it is perfect for working in narrow working aisles.

  • small size
  • small turning radius
  • ergonomic cabin design
  • suspension seat, increasing operator comfort
  • hydraulic hoses hidden behind the mast, for increased visibility and additional protection
  • adjustable steering wheel
  • perfect for unloading in small spaces
  • high quality ZAPI controller



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